Norman Foote is an award winning entertainer from Vancouver, Canada who has received international acclaim for his song writing, outrageous props and off beat sense of humor. His stage show is uniquely Norman and is innovative both musically and visually.

When Norman comes to a theatre or community playing solo, in an ensemble or with Big Voice Orchestra,  he brings with him the joy of music and performance. 

The song list comes from his most recent albums ‘Love My New Shirt’, ‘Always Be Yourself’, along with some older Foote classics. 

What makes Norman so great is his ability to find subject matter that challenges and engages his audience - both young and old. He puts his theatrical and comedic talents to use as he weaves stories and paints musical imagery that audiences respond to immediately.

“His melodies are rich and his sense

of the absurd transcends age”

- Edmonton Journal

“Norman’s methodology is to take a minuscule

part of life and make it worth grand commentary”

- Peter Fawthrop,  All Music Guide

His hilarious adaptation of nursery rhymes sung by rock stars is a routine that defines his talent for creating material that can bridge the generation gap. He calls this a twist on tradition". Also featured are his props with an attitude. Simple by nature, fascinating by delivery. These characters enter the stage as inanimate objects and with the element of surprise and improvisation come to life, never failing to bring the house down with laughter and applause.

Featuring songs and comedy

from his CD “Love My New Shirt”


“I learned to play my audience at an early age.  From the moment I picked up the guitar at 11 years old my mother would ask me to play when relatives came over.   It was a challenge I was up for”

But the entertainment didn’t end there! We were also lucky enough to have Juno Award Winner, Norman Foote keep us in stitches during his performance.  His interactive numbers, featuring athletes DJ Gilbert and Alex Evanshen, were definite highlights of the evening.       North Shore News Review  SOBV Diamond Gala July 2014

Good Audience participation. It was great to have a laugh & clean entertainment  

Osac concert review   November 2014

Both young and old alike had a great time. Several of us laughed so hard we cried. Having no intermission worked well for this performance .  

OSAC concert review   November 2014