Anonymous Father

"I didn’t want to come but my wife made me.   I really enjoyed it."

RMOW Manager, Whistler Village Animation

"The entire First Night event was great and I felt Norman Foote’s show in Village Square was the highlight of the evening.  I had so much fun watching him work his magic with the crowd.  Parents. teenagers, and young adults were all having a blast.   Everyone was connected through the performance,  it was really special."

Los Angeles Times

"with Foote’s quirky songs, the joints always jumping"

I don't think there was one person that was not engaged (audience included!). Even my principal and VP said that it was one of the most enjoyable concerts they've ever been to!

Linda Woods, Music teacher -  AJ McLellan School, BC

"Just wanted to thank Norman for making last night such a great experience for all those children and their parents. How wonderful to see different communities of children get together with one goal - of making music together ~

Ingrid Verseveldt, music teacher

Norman Foote gave a command performance for Prime Minister Jean Chretien in Calgar - June ’96.    The Prime Minister sang and clapped along to Norman’s song “Mainstreet Canada” and laughed heartily at Norman’s Talking Head routine.  Mr. Chretien quired at the microphone a few minutes later, “Norman, I want that puppet head so I can put it on the leader of the opposition party”.

Prime Minister Jean Chretien,  Calgary Herald

Within 15 minutes of show opening, the power went out in 1/2 of Kindersley. Norman barely skipped a beat. Began singing as gradually cell phone lights and mini flashlights emerged from the audience to take up the front row to shine upon him.  

OSAC concert reviews   November 2014

A Very Entertaining fun afternoon. Good Audience participation. It was great to have a laugh & clean entertainment  

Osac concert review   November 2014

Both young and old alike had a great time. Several of us laughed so hard we cried. Having no intermission worked well for this performance .  

OSAC concert review   November 2014

But the entertainment didn’t end there! We were also lucky enough to have Juno Award Winner, Norman Foote keep us in stitches during his performance.  His interactive numbers, featuring athletes DJ Gilbert and Alex Evanshen, were definite highlights of the evening.       

North Shore News Review  SOBV Diamond Gala July 2014

“Prince Albert NOW”