Principal's Comment October 2023: Norman's ability to read the culture of the school enables him to suggest relevant topics for songs that resonate with and reflect the unique nature of our community, making his visits even more meaningful. Our students are still singing his songs months after his visits, including one that reflects how thankful they are using the work for "thank you" in the St'at'imc language. Take care, Rob Tardif B.A. B.Ed. M.Ed Principal, Sk'il' Mountain Community School, BC

Songwriting Sessions (for classrooms)

A song is born” Norman encourages students to believe in their own ideas. Experience a captivating and highly engaging songwriter’s workshop / session with Norman Foote! Create lyrical content, melody, rhyme & rhythm…. and a song is born. The fun factor is big and singing is as natural as talking. Gratitude, friendship, nature, animals, adventure, emotions, community and family all come into play. Class to class the sessions are up to one hour. Together, (with Norman’s improv skills) they create a finished song and/or a group of songs throughout the school. Norman Foote has written 10 albums of his own songs & written and produced by Walt Disney Records, CBC Television, Shari Lewis, Max & Ruby, Toopy & Binoo, National Film Board, to mention a few. He has received Parent Choice, NAPPA Gold, SOCAN, and a JUNO Award.

In-School Performances

Norman performs an original and unique 45-minute performance for all elementary grades. He includes songs from his 6 award-winning CDs and features some innovative and entertaining “props with an attitude”. Norman’s own for of puppetry. “Simple by nature and fascinating by delivery.” He uses subject matter that challenges and engages his audience. He puts his theatrical and comedic talents to use as he weaves stories and paints musical imagery that audiences respond to immediately. Norman is well versed in crowd control and captivates audiences large or small.

Join the Norman Foote Choir Experience

Award-winning singer-songwriter Norman Foote collaborates with large school choirs in an engaging and entertaining concert presentation for all ages. He has worked with and created choir groups throughout North America and stages an excellent experience for youth. The choir learns various parts of the songs and become an animated wall of voices, actions, and laughter. An album and book are provided which are easy for teachers and students to follow. Note: The children don't have to be well versed in choral singing. He combines outreach rehearsals and workshops in the schools bringing it all together for a performance in a theatre or auditorium. “Everybody Sings” proves that everyone is unique and encourages youth to celebrate their own voice. A winning presentation for students, parents, and educators alike with a built-in audience. “It’s a creative community builder. The show can be presented as a fundraiser for music programs etc. Note: Norman enlists from 50-150 to be in the ‘Everybody Sings’ choir.

Final Notes and Report from Signal Hill’s 2017 Outreach Residency (Partially funded by Arts Start)

The goal of the project was to develop our students’ sense of pride, unity, cultural identity, and individual uniqueness. This was achieved by initially learning songs detailing positive personal reinforcements (“You’ve got to be Yourself”), reinforcing self-love (“Love my New Shirt”). The process of singing as a group reinforced the process of working together and uniting the classrooms. The students gained confidence when learning the movements of songs, remembering lyrics, and singing together. Each classroom discussed what Signal Hill meant to them, using the school code of conduct and core message of C.A.R.E (courage, acceptance, respect, excellence) as a basis for the song’s attitude. Further conversations were had to establish the students’ idea of what Pemberton is to them, and what they represent to the school and community. These became the basis for the school songs. The project proposed to be an energetic, ambitious, and uplifting process that aimed to inspire confidence in our students and provide them with the skills and inspiration to write a school anthem. In practice, songwriting became a much more personal process for each group and many classes created their own song, as well as contributing to a school-wide song, The older grade groupings also developed a second school song which was taken on and learned by the intermediate grades,